Washington Wine Report is an on-line publication dedicated to the wines and wineries of the Pacific Northwest, aiming to bring Northwest wine to you and bring you to Northwest wine.

My goal is: to help you select Northwest wines at a variety of price levels; to keep you up-to-date about the area's wineries, vineyards, and individuals; to help you plan trips to wine country; and to connect you to the larger wine community.

Founder and Editor, Sean P. Sullivan

Washington Wine Report
was founded by Sean P. Sullivan. The site is a four time finalist and two time winner of the 'Best Single Subject Blog' award from the Wine Blog Awards. Sullivan has been writing about and reviewing Washington wine since 2004.

A native of Massachusetts, Sullivan moved to Washington in 2000 to pursue a love of mountain climbing. Captivated by the area’s exploding wine scene, in 2004 he began writing wine reviews and distributing them via email to friends and family under the name Washington Wine Report before founding it as an on-line site in 2007.

In addition to his work at Washington Wine Report, Sullivan contributes regularly to Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book, Seattle Metropolitan, Washington Tasting Room, and the Washington State Wine Touring Guide (see a complete list of publications here). From 2013 to 2022, he was a contributing editor at Wine Enthusiast magazine, covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Canada. Sullivan resides in Seattle, Washington.

All posts written by Sean Sullivan unless otherwise indicated.

Read a 2018 interview with Sullivan by Owen Bargreen here. Listen to a Decanted podcast interview here. Read a 2022 interview with Wine Industry Advisor here. Read a 2022 interview with Oregon Wine Press here.


I began what is now Washington Wine Report in 2004. It started with a series of .pdf reports based on my travels to Walla Walla and other Washington wine regions (see an example from 2009 Walla Walla Spring Release here). I always wrote notes when visiting wineries. A friend who traveled with me on one trip asked me to send my notes as he had not taken any. I typed up and sent him my terse notes. He circulated them to a friend - much to my chagrin - who sent them to another friend, and the whole thing began.

Given that the reports were being circulated, I started putting an increasing amount of time into them. I wrote the reports both to provide information about wines of interest and to give information to those visiting wine country.

After a while I found using a long-form, pdf-style format limiting. I started Washington Wine Report as an on-line site in June of 2007. Part of my interest in doing so was to provide information about wines I was seeing on the shelves that I did not see published reviews for. Over time, this evolved into providing information about Washington as an emerging wine region.

In 2010, I began writing about wine full-time, and later that year I began writing for Seattle Metropolitan. In 2013, I became a contributing editor at Wine Enthusiast, covering Washington and Idaho. In 2022, I also covered Oregon and Canada for the magazine.

Contributing Photographer, Richard Duval

Wine photojournalist Richard Duval captures vivid wine imagery for regional and national wine media, wine marketing organizations, and an ever-growing number of wineries in the Pacific Northwest. View more of his work at www.winepix.net.

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  1. Climbing and wine reviewing have more in common than one would expect, I imagine. Dedication and training--and a fearlessness that I don't have. Respect.