Bloom begins in eastern Washington

Bloom has begun in the Columbia Valley. Sagemoor Vineyards reports seeing bloom in Chardonnay at its Wienbau Vineyard on the Wahluke Slope today, May 17th. Bloom took place on this same date in 2020. 

Here's a look at recent bloom dates for this vineyard and variety:

2021: May 17
2020: May 17
2019: May 24
2018: May 17
2017: May 27
2016: May 5
2015: May 14

Image courtesy of Sagemoor Vineyards.

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. Love it! Next up is another vintage of wine. Keep up the informative pieces. As a somm, I am always up for reading more. Next time you are in Sonoma CA look me and my Jeep wine touring business up!

  2. Sean ... GDD accumulations at the closest AgWeatherNet station shows an average of 360 GDD with 62 stdev over the 2015 to 2021 vintages for April 1 to Chardonnay bloom at this site. The 2015 vintage was the lowest at 273 and the 2019 vintage the highest at 463.


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