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Pic of the Vine - February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 0 comments

Winter's hand on Washington vineyards is still prevalent. Resident photographer Richard Duval captured this vista of snow and vines at the magnificent Wallula Vineyard, high above the Columbia River just south of Kennewick. Also known as The Benches, this expansive vineyard sources grapes to some of Washington's finest wineries, including Long Shadows and Den Hoed Wine Estates.

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Turning Rocks into Wine

Sunday, February 26, 2017 1 comments

The following is an excerpt from an article in the March 2017 edition of Wine Enthusiast. 

A pioneering French winemaker's discovery of a cobblestone corner of the Walla Walla Valley has yielded wines unlike anywhere else in the world.

Rocks region pioneer Christophe Baron didn’t set out to discover a new wine-growing territory when he first moved to the Walla Walla Valley from his native France in 1993. In fact, he didn’t really look to live in the Walla Walla Valley, which straddles the Oregon-Washington border, at all.

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A round-up of stories on Northwest wine from February 1st to 14th 2017. Read previous round-ups here.

From around the country…

The San Diego Entertainer writes about Washington wine.

Wine Spectator writes about Oregon values. They also write about Tenet Wines. Meanwhile Tim Fish writes about new adventures in Washington and Oregon and the magazine announces that Tim Fish will cover Washington and Oregon.

Buffalo News writes about a wine trip to Walla Walla.

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Below are my Wine Enthusiast reviews for February 2017. Wines are listed alphabetically by winery. Read additional information on how I review wines here. All of these reviews are freely available on-line at the Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide. There is also a freely available Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide app. See previous Wine Enthusiast reviews re-published in this space here. Search Wine Enthusiast's on-line database here.

189 wines reviewed in the February issue of Wine Enthusiast. They start off with a strong series of 2013 vintage wines from Andrew Will (Andrew Will 2013 Sorella Champoux Vineyard Red Blend Horse Heaven Hills $8392 pointsAndrew Will 2013 Esploso Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley $6092 pointsAndrew Will 2013 Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Red Blend Red Mountain $6492 pointsAndrew Will 2013 Champoux Vineyard Red Blend Horse Heaven Hills $7492 points).

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The January/February issue of Vineyard and Winery Management Magazine contains two articles I wrote, one a 2016 harvest report for Washington and the other a 2016 harvest report for Oregon. You can read both of these articles here.


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A round-up of stories on Northwest wine from January 22nd to 31st 2017. Read previous round-ups here.

From the blogosphere…

Great Northwest Wine writes that wine will be bigger than wheat. They also write about the state of Riesling and a bill that would ease laws on alcohol at movies 

Washington Wine Blog writes about the Rocks District website.

Write for Wine wishes a happy 50th anniversary to Chateau Ste Michelle. Margot also writes about Taste Washington celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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