Private Liquor Sales Begin in Washington

With the state Supreme Court ruling yesterday paving the way, today - June 1st 2012 - private liquor sales begin in Washington, a change set in motion by last November's Initiative 1183. This ends Prohibition era laws that created a state-run monopoly on spirits sales for the last 78 years. It is truly a brave new world. Stay tuned.

Sean P. Sullivan

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  1. Went to Esquin this morning. They were filling up the shelves in the back with more liquor than I could ever imagine. It looks like they expanded their back area to make room for it, so I believe all the room they had for wine is still there. Might head over to Wine World and Spirits this weekend to check things out. I don't drink hard alcohol so this is pretty much a non-event for me, but I was interested in how it would impact the shelf space for wine.