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If you're like me, you've got more than a few wine corks hanging around. Here's how to turn some of those corks into Christmas decorations in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Open up a favorite bottle of wine or grab a cork from the bag you're waiting to recycle (you do recycle your corks right?). If you're opening a new bottle, make sure to try to center the corkscrew so that you don't break the sides of the cork for aesthetic reasons.

Step 2: Purchase yourself some Small Screw Eyes from the local hardware store. 13/16 of an inch is a good size to make durable ornaments.

Step 3:
Screw a Small Screw Eye into the top or bottom of the cork.

Step 4:
I'm always out of hangers, so I picked up a set at the local pharmacy. You can also use things like string or yarn.

Step 5:
Attach the hanger to the Small Screw Eye.

Step 6:
Hang and have a happy holiday!

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  1. Shona Milne Says:
  2. I never knew you were into crafts. Love this idea.

  3. Shona, wait until you see the cork wreath I'm working on.

  4. alison Says:
  5. Still waiting for your empty-wine-bottle-ornament Christmas tree...

  6. alison, hmmm....the wheels are turning!

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. hah! I definitely can't wait to see that cork wreath.

  9. I'm envisioning perhaps next year taking alison's challenge with a twist - a Christmas tree made entirely of wine bottles! I'm also thinking an empty demi-bottle might make a nice star on top of the tree and/or an ornament. Will need to look into that.

  10. Co Dinn Says:
  11. Reminds me of Ferdinand's cork tree:

    Clearly the best and highest use for a cork!


  12. Co, I was hoping to make another post about making garlands out of screwcaps but I think it will have to wait until another year!


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