June Virtual Tasting - 2009 Saviah Cellars The Jack Red Wine

June's Virtual Tasting will be Thursday June 30th from 7-8pm Pacific. The wine is the 2009 Saviah Cellars The Jack Red Wine. This wine retails for $18 and is widely available.

What you need to do to participate is:

1. Buy this month’s wine from a local retailer or from the winery

2. Post your comments/tweets on the wine between 7 and 8pm. For those on Twitter, follow me @wawinereport. I will be using the hashtag #Saviah during the event.

Hope you will join us!

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. Looks like I'll be out this month unfortunately. Saviah has no distribution in Texas. But if nothing else, this contributes to the body of evidence about which WA wines get distribution in Texas. Overall, I'd say we probably have a pretty poor selection relative to all that is available in Washington. In addition, beyond the mega wineries, it's hard to predict which smaller wineries have broad out-of-state distribution.

  2. I wrote up some impressions about Saviah The Jack after the virtual tasting. http://wine-beer-washington.com/tasting-notes/2009-saviah-jack/
    This wine really changed as it opened up but the labeling is confusing to customers.


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