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A Mistake

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I noticed a disturbing thing when I created my list of top wines from 2010. When going through my tasting note database I came upon the rating for the 2007 Col Solare Red Wine and said – aloud - “That’s not right.”

The rating was listed as a star (‘Excellent’ in my rating system). I vividly remembered the wine both from a barrel sample note and from its release as being the most impressive wine I have had from the winery – my tasting notes on the released wine even stated as such - and clearly an Exceptional (**) wine.

I originally thought that perhaps it was a clerical error in the tasting note database but after checking the original post, I saw that the rating there was consistent with the database. After searching for my original notes, I discovered that my suspicions were correct. My rating on the blog and tasting note database were wrong. I rated this wine as Exceptional (**) when I sampled it.

I have no idea how this error occurred, and a subsequent audit of the database revealed no additional errors. However, this is, of course, a mistake of some magnitude. I apologize both to the winery and to my readers. I have subsequently corrected the error and listed an erratum on the original post. I will ensure that this does not happen again. Again, my apologies to all.

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  1. No need to apologize to your readers. Look at all the tasting notes that you have posted. To have that much data out there without any errors would not be realistic. Good on ya for catching it and making the correcting post. BTW, I've never had a Col Solare before but I am quite excited to try my first on the 17th at a Ch. Ste. Michelle winemakers dinner. They will be pouringf the 05. Looking forward to trying it!

  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2005. Enjoy!


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