Washington Wine Round-up July 8th to 14th

A round-up of stories on Washington wine from July 8th to 14th. Feel free to add any posts I missed to the comments section.

Buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. This round-up is a long one.

From around the country…

The Wall Street Journal writes about stalking Washington wine.

The San Francisco Chronicle recommends Washington Cabernet.

The Mercury
recommends Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Gwurztraminer.

Thomas Matthews at Wine Spectator
does his patriotic duty and opens up a bottle of Col Solare for the 4th.

writes about the third Riesling Rendezvous.

From the blogosphere (WBC10)…

Reign of Terroir
talks with Billo Naravane of Rasa Vineyards. He also talks with Ryan Crane of Kerloo Cellars.

Drink Nectar
writes some thoughts on the conference.

WINEormous writes about the trip to Walla Walla.

Luscious Lushes writes about the pre-WBC Oregon tour with a stop at Solena.

Suburban Wino writes about Walla Walla’s greatest export. He also does of video post of touring Oregon and Washington wine country.

Random Oenophile
gives some random thoughts and tasting notes from the conference.

Wine Tonite!
interviews Jay Soloff of DeLille Cellars.

Brix Chicks
gives confessions of a California wine snark with a pre-trip to Oregon wine country.

Caveman Wines
says WBC is the place to be.

RJ’s Wine Blog
interviews Trey Busch of Sleight of Hand.

Dallas Wine Chick
gives a diary recap.

Woodinville Wine Update
writes about speed wine tasting.

Through the Walla Walla Grapevine
gives bits and pieces from the conference. Catie also writes about the food and wine pairing with Jeffry Saad and asks whether the live blogging section is good for wineries.

Yak Yak Wine
gives the world according to Dick Boushey. Chris also writes about vineyard row orientation and Hightower Cellars.

The Oregon Wine Blog
writes about the post-conference trip to Red Mountain.

writes about videos, photos, and presentations.

muses about the conference.

Wine Tube TV
does a video post on Long Shadows.

writes about Lone Canary.

writes about a visit to Red Mountain.

writes about the conference.

Toledo Wines & Vines
writes about the Hogue Cellars 2005 Fries Vineyard Syrah.

The Wine Whore
writes about the conference.

Another Wine Blog
says wine conferences give no time for writing about wine.

Weekly Wine Pick
writes about the speed tasting.

Cellar Mistress’ Cellar Talk
writes about part II of the Woodinville trip.

From the blogosphere (non-WBC10)…

Paul Gregutt writes about the second edition of Washington Wines & Wineries: The Essential Guide. He also writes about the Reininger Carmenère.

The Wine Economist
writes about the Washington brand.

One Rich Wine Guy
visits Cougar Crest.

writes about Naked Winery.

The Drinks Business writes about the Riesling Rendezvous.

Woodinville Wine Update
writes about a trip to Whidbey Island Winery. Shona also writes about Kestrel Vintners opening a tasting room in Woodinville and Alexandria Nicole closing their warehouse location due to opening the schoolhouse tasting room.

Wine Peeps
writes about a Saviah Cellars vertical. They also write about a Phelps Creek Celilo Chardonnay, and Red Willow Vineyard.

Wine & Beer of Washington State
writes about Gorman Winery. They also write about a new wine storage facility in Bellevue.

Through the Walla Walla Grapevine
writes about Cougar Crest. Catie also writes about the new Highway 12 in Walla Walla.

Beyond the Bottle
gives some views of the Walla Walla Valley.

Write for Wine
writes about Desert Wind Winery.

Wine Cooler Blog
writes about Washington wine.

AZ Central
writes about 8-Bit Vintners powering down.

Wannabe Wino
writes about Maryhill Winery.

Sunrise Packaging
writes about the art of packaging, with a callout to Revelry.

Jennifer’s Review
writes about the Hogue Cellars Merlot.

Sip & The City
writes about a Lake Chelan wine weekend.

Vineyardgurl’s blog
writes about White Heron Cellars.

Michigan By the Bottle
writes about a trip to Woodinville during the Reisling Rendezvous.

WA Wine Man
writes about Stina Cellars.

Lettie Teague
writes about three impressive Washington whites.

The Wine Commentator
writes about the Lullaby 2008 Viognier.

The Spokane Examiner writes about wine tasting in Prosser.

Wine Foot
writes about Long Shadows.

The Gray Market Report writes about the Riesling Rendezvous.

The Bellevue Scene writes about the Washington Wine Festival.

From the locals…

Washington State Department of Agriculture
writes about a trapping program for the European grapevine moth.

Writing for the Bellingham Herald, Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman write about Riesling.

Wenatchee World
writes about agricultural tourism.

Wine Press NW
writes about it finally getting hot this summer.

The Seattle Times writes about glamping.


WA Wine Man
writes about the 2005 Col Solare Red Wine.

That's all folks!

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. Whew! That is an impressive list. Talk about your summer reading list. It is exciting to see so many people writing about Washington wine.

  2. This is such a valuable weekly resource, Sean. Who needs RSS when we have Washington Wine Report? :) I hope that writers continue to recognize Washington wine long after the conference!