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These are the dark days. Earlier this week I wrote about Yellow Hawk Cellar. Yesterday, Belltown’s Seattle Cellars announced that it is closing. The retail store will have a ‘going out of business sale’ starting Friday June 11th with everything in the store on sale at twenty-five percent off.

Seattle Cellars opened in Belltown in 1996. Scott Haugh purchased the store in 2006. Haugh cited the poor economy and the difficult business climate in Belltown as the reasons behind the decision. To long-time patrons, Seattle Cellars' closure was not unexpected. The store has had a small fraction of its floor space utilized of late and once teeming shelves have been only partially stocked.

I had an ‘epiphany’ wine at Seattle Cellars – a 1999 Duckhorn Merlot – which was part of one of their Thursday tastings. This was the first bottle of wine I tried in a $50 price range and suffice to say my eyes were opened. My bank account has ever since been wishing they were still shut. I purchased the bottle that day for some future special occasion but subsequently went home and consumed it with my roommate on the porch that night.

This is a second blow to the Belltown wine community with The Local Vine, located across the street from Seattle Cellars, moving from its current location due to structural flaws with the building.

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