January Virtual Tasting - Columbia Crest 2007 GE Cabernet Sauvignon

January's Virtual Tasting will be Columbia Crest's 2007 Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine, which was recently released, is widely available and retails for $12.

The tasting will take place on Thursday January 28th starting at 7pm. As usual, I will be posting my notes on the wine to the blog and tweeting @wawinereport. Please join us in trying this wine and posting your comments.

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Sean P. Sullivan

Please e-mail any comments or questions to wawinereport@gmail.com


  1. Picked up 2 bottles at Freddies for $8.99 each. Got two just in case one is corked or I can't quite get a read on it after one. Safety in numbers.

    See you Thursday.

  2. Excellent! Glad to hear you will be joining us. Two bottles of a Grand Estates wine is never a bad thing to have on hand.

  3. I think I'll give it a try. This is a pretty accessible wine! I think I'll film it side by side with another Cab too. Can't wait to join you Sean. What will the hashtag be?


  4. Josh, glad to hear you'll be joining in. Generally I have thought that the GE series offers great value wines. With 2007 an exceptional vintage, I'm interested to see what this one looks like. Hashtag will be #virtualtasting.

  5. Looking forward to the virtual tasting tomorrow evening.

  6. @winecentury Glad you'll be making it.


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