Long Shadows (WWSR 2009)

What follows is an excerpt from the 2009 Walla Walla Spring Release Weekend Report. Download the full report here (Note: Opens .pdf).

This trip to Long Shadows provided the opportunity to taste a lineup of new releases alongside their predecessors. The event, which took place on Friday evening, created quite a buzz with one visitor even flying in on a helicopter (Long Shadows does not have a landing strip at the moment, so the jet had to be left at home). Allen Shoup’s project of pairing some of the world’s top winemakers with Washington fruit continues to excel. The new releases match and in some cases exceed their predecessors. All wines sampled at 69 degrees unless otherwise noted.



Name Notes



2008 Poet’s Leap Riesling

Lightly colored. A beautiful, fragrant nose marked by pear and honey. A very even, rounded wine. 12.9% alcohol. 2,656 cases produced.



2006 Saggi

Rose hips and dried cranberries on a very appealing nose. Beautifully even with a rich palate laced with oak. 42% Cabernet; 39% Sangiovese; 19% Syrah. 14.6% alcohol. 1,725 cases produced.



2006 Feather

An exuberant nose with spice and anise. Chalky tannins and a long finish. A bit of a dip in the middle is all that holds this wine back. 100% Cabernet. Primary blend Horse Heaven Hills (32%); Stillwater Creek (23%); Wahluke Slope (19%). Remaining percentage a variety of vineyards and AVAs. 14.2% alcohol. 2,238 cases produced.



2006 Pedestal

Anise and rich chocolate aromas stand out on an oak-dominated nose. A bit of the oak monster on the taste. 86% Merlot; 8% Cabernet; 4% Petit Verdot; 2% Malbec. 14.7% alcohol. 1,877 cases produced.



2005 Pirouette

Loads of anise mixes with other spices. Rich with fruit and a super long finish. 57% Cabernet; 20% Merlot; 14% Syrah; 5% Malbec; 4% Cab Franc. 14.6% alcohol. 1,733 cases produced.



2006 Pirouette

Again, lots of anise, mocha powder, and spice along with a fair amount of caramel. Quite similar on the nose to the 2005. A rich, fruity, syrupy wine with well integrated tannins and a lot of texture. Throwing a good deal of sediment. 54% Cabernet; 20% Merlot; 15% Petit Verdot; 6% Cab Franc; 5% Syrah. 14.6% alcohol. 1,733 cases produced.



2004 Chester-Kidder

Dark in color. An outrageous nose of wheat mixed with berry, pepper, and earth. With a swirl anise comes forward and then steps back. On the taste opens up and attacks with dark fruit and gorgeous tannins. A supremely long finish caps it all off. 58% Cabernet; 29% Syrah; 10% Cab Franc; 3% Petit Verdot. 14.7% alcohol. 1,797 cases produced.



2005 Chester-Kidder

Lots of anise seed and a bit of funk on the nose. Fairly dry and very tart. Needs time. 55% Cabernet; 40% Syrah; 5% Merlot. 14.7% alcohol. 1,586 cases produced.



2006 Sequel

Rich with coffee grounds and black licorice on an alluring nose. Fairly tight on the taste at present. Give 6-12 months. 96% Syrah;

4% Cabernet. 14.7% alcohol. 2,012 cases produced.



2005 Poet’s Leap Botrytis Riesling Columbia Valley

The nose is marked by sugared grapefruit, honey, and a touch of pineapple. An outrageously rich and opulent taste that is sweet but not overly so. 15% alcohol. 11% residual sugar.


Sean P. Sullivan

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