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Owen Roe Winery

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Owen Roe, named after a 17th century Irish patriot, produces wines from both Washington and Oregon fruit. David O’Reilly, who serves as winemaker, is also a co-founder of Sineann Winery along with Jerry Owen. O’Reilly recently created a new winery, Corvidae, which focuses on value-priced wine.







Owen Roe Riesling DuBrul Vineyard 2007

Almost completely clear in color. Orange peel, mineral, and a touch of sweetness on this pleasing, very smooth wine. 13% alcohol. 210 cases produced.



Owen Roe Pinot Gris Crawford-Beck Vineyard 2008

Almost clear in color. Nose marked by banana, lemon, and yeast. A very interesting taste with a quick attack that drops off and then comes back on. Opens up on the palate and hangs. Note: Crawford-Beck Vineyard is located in Oregon.



Owen Roe Cabernet Franc Rosa Mystica 2007

An interesting nose with loads of green and black pepper along with caramel. Alcohol shows through at times. A fair amount of oak on the taste. Red Willow Vineyard. 14.1% alcohol.



Owen Roe Syrah Lady Rosa Yakima Valley 2007

Almost black in color. An excellent wine, although a bit atypical of the varietal. Lots of oak aromas including butterscotch and cedar. A plush, rich wine with an ultra-long finish. Red Willow and Outlook vineyards. 14.5% alcohol. 360 cases produced.



Owen Roe Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley 2006

A very unusual nose with peppermint and lots of pencil shavings. Tannins are a bit aggressive at times.


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