Darby Syrah Destiny Ridge Vineyard 2006

Darby is a Woodinville, Washington winery.







Darby Syrah Destiny Ridge Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills 2006

Spice and light campfire with a little alcohol showing through. Opens up but has a bit of a hole in the middle and finishes a bit hot. 95% Syrah; 5% Viognier. 215 cases produced.


Sean P. Sullivan

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  1. It would be nice to have the winery's address and phone number on your reviews for contact, trip planning,tasting tours, etc. winesnorthwest.com has an extensive listing of contact information for most WA wineries. It's also good information to know the owner and/or WineMaker in this area as that tells alot about a winery. I personally follow several on their rounds thru different wineries. Great site!!

  2. Anon, thanks for the comment and for stopping by. In more recent posts, I have tried to at least include a link to the winery's website to assist with planning. I also try to give additional information about the winery and winemaker to give a but more of a flavor. Keep the comments coming!


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