Cadence 2006 Vintage Releases

Ben Smith started like many young wine makers do. He took one hundred pounds of grapes and pressed the juice into a five gallon container. Here is where the similarities cease. Smith entered his first wine into a competition…and won! Beginners luck? Cadence’s strong record of impressive releases shows that it is anything but.

The 2006 vintage marks a transition for Cadence. Previously this South Seattle winery has focused on wines from famed Red Mountain vineyards Ciel du Cheval, Taptiel, and Klipsun. Starting with the 2006 vintage, Cadence has started using fruit from their own Red Mountain vineyard – Cara Mia – in their top of the line Bel Canto and Camerata wines. You can read about the story of the Cara Mia Vineyard here.

Every winery dreams of having their own vineyard. However, when one door opens, another closes. With the 2006 releases, Cadence has phased out a Klipsun Vineyard designated wine and will phase out other vineyard designated wines in the future as they increase their focus on the Cara Mia Vineyard. Given that the 2006 vintage was the first fruit from this vineyard, there is no reason however not to continue to expect great things from this winery.







Cadence Ciel du Cheval Vineyard Red Mountain 2006

A surprisingly different nose from most wines found from this vineyard with chocolate, juicy plum, and herbal notes. A very dry wine with a pleasing tannin profile. Still young and needs time to open up. 36% Cabernet; 32% Cab Franc; 20% Merlot; 12% Petit Verdot. 14.4% alcohol.



Cadence Taptiel Vineyard Red Mountain 2006

Light in color, this is a very well put together, smooth wine with mineral and floral notes along with rose hips. 53% Cabernet; 32% Merlot; 15% Cab Franc. 14.4% alcohol.



Cadence Bel Canto 2006

A lovely nose that features the Cabernet Franc that composes the majority of this wine. Light floral and spice notes. Slightly more thin on the palette than past vintages. 52% Cab Franc; 48% Merlot. 14.4% alcohol.



Cadence Camerata Cara Mia Vineyard 2006

An engaging nose with cherry, spice, and light hints of earth. The taste is more fruit forward than the other 2006 releases from this winery. A pleasant mouthfeel. 94% Cabernet; 6% Cab Franc.


Sean P. Sullivan

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