Christmas wines - What are you planning to open to celebrate the holidays?

Okay you Christmas celebraters, the day is almost upon us. I am interested in hearing what wines people are planning to open for the holiday. Personally, I have a bottle of 2003 Saviah Une Vallee and a 2003 Cougar Crest Anniversay Cuvee on standby. However, I have a cold that has left me unable to taste much of anything so they may stay in the cellar. Leave a comment and let me know what you are planning to open tomorrow so I can live vicariously. Happy holidays to all.

Sean P. Sullivan


  1. Wine?!? I just opened the Maker's Mark.


  2. Wait on the good ones! For the love of god, please hold off! I just had the 05 Owen Roe Du Brul cab and it was flawed. Let me tell you having a wine when it is not at its peak, (or you are not,) just plain bites it! I was very excited for this wine and clearly the $15 wine we had before it put it to shame. How embarrassing! It was a Father's Day gift to my Dad...good thing he's so nice and pretended to like it regardless.

  3. Now you CAN'T tell me that you opened the 2004 Bionic Frog without telling me how it was?!?