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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sheridan Winery sources its grapes from their estate vineyard in Yakima Valley. Grapes from this vineyard are used by a number of prominent wineries including Andrew Will, Quilceda Creek, and O.S. (formerly Owen Sullivan). Sheridan's flagship wine is the L’Orage, a cabernet-based blend. The 2004 vintage of this wine was nothing short of stunning.

Sheridan has garnered positive press lately for their wines. Their second label, Kamiakin, has been getting a strong push from the local wine shops. It was therefore with great anticipation that I tried their latest releases as well as the previous year’s syrah. Unfortunately, I found the wines a bit disappointing and seeming quite young and green. Perhaps a little time or decanting will settle them down.


Sheridan L’Orage 2005

This wine still seems quite young, with a green nose accompanied by tobacco, pencil shavings, spiced plum, and anise. On the taste, it is a medium-bodied wine with an excellent subtlety and smooth tannins. Good finish but mid-palate hasn’t come together. Suggest decanting or waiting 6 months. 67% Cabernet; 33% Cab Franc. Sheridan Vineyard, Yakima Valley.



Sheridan Syrah 2005

Not a big fan of the nose which is marked by soy, spice, and a little chocolate. Very well put together on the taste. 100% Syrah. Sheridan Vineyard, Yakima Valley.



Sheridan Syrah 2004

Nose is marked by light soy, black licorice, and fig. An even body on a very well put together wine.



Kamiakin Yakima Valley Red Wine 2006

Smells exceptionally green and young. Nose is a bit off-putting with rhubarb, pencil shavings, and mustard seed. The taste is quite good until three quarters of the way through when it falls apart. There is enough there that time may pull it together but not worth drinking right now. Maybe in three to six months, but you can do better for a $14 wine. Tasted twice with consistent notes.



Kamiakin White Wine 2007

A good nose with white grapefruit and honey. A little sharp and puckering on the palate.


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