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Thursday, June 19, 2008

No one else in Washington is making the types of wines that winemaker Douglas McCrea is. McCrea has a dazzling lineup of Syrah and Rhone varietals and blends. What other winery in Washington can you think of that makes a Mourvedre, a Counoise, and five different Syrahs?

Always well-made, McCrea’s wines are not to be missed. Of the latest releases, the 2006 Non Sequitor is a steal at $20. In addition to their new and recent releases, we also had the opportunity to taste their 1998 Viognier and 1995 Chardonnay.







McCrea Roussanne Ciel du Cheval 2006

Yeast and light toast on the nose. A touch of lemon on the taste. A long finish without being overpowering. A creamy mouth feel.



McCrea Grenache Blanc Boushey Vineyard 2007

Lemon zest and a touch of white grapefruit on the nose and taste. Young still but a good, refreshing wine with a tangy, up front taste.



McCrea Sirroco Blanc 2006

Creamy mouth feel with an excellent touch of lemon on the finish. Yeast and lemon on the nose.



McCrea Vin Rose NV

Mineral and light toasted oak notes on the nose. Quite red in color. Uncomplicated taste but very pleasing. A crisp finish with tart cherries. Overall a good summer rose. Recommended.



McCrea Viognier 1998

Golden in color. Light lemon, yeast, and toasted oak notes. An almost champagne-like aroma. A fascinating wine with a complex profile. A full-bodied wine, creamy in texture.



McCrea Chardonnay 1995

Mineral, spice, and light smoke on the nose. Light yellow in color. Up front on the palate and then drops off to a long finish.



McCrea Non Sequitor 2006

Tons of spice and dark spicy fruit. A gigantic, full-bodied wine. Overwhelmingly outsized for the price. Coats the tongue and has a long, long finish with raspberries, mineral, and a pleasing tartness. A steal for this price.



McCrea Counoisse 2006

Fairly light in color, this wine delivers with touches of wheat, light red fruit, and the smell of wood after the campfire has gone out. A medium-bodied wine with bracing acidity and a tartness on the mid-palate. A very well made wine.



McCrea Syrah WA State 2006

A rich, full-bodied wine that is loaded with spice and smoke wound with traces of anise. Hasn’t fully grown up but is showing quite well.



McCrea Mourvedre 2006

Mineral, spice, chalk, and a slight stemminess on the nose. Red fruit marks an interesting, smooth taste that seems a bit disconnected from the nose.



McCrea Syrah Boushey Vineyard 2004

A smoky, full-bodied wine with a big mid-palate and finish. Opens up and expresses itself with raspberry and spice.



McCrea Syrah Cuvee Orleans 2004

Raspberry, spice, and stone aromas surrounded by very light anise. A superb wine that is rich and lingers. 97% Syrah; 3% Viognier.



McCrea Syrah Amerique 2005

Mineral, violets, and raspberry aromas on a nose that is a bit lighter than I remembered. A dynamite mid-palate and finish. 77% Syrah; 23% Mourvedre.



McCrea Syrah Ciel du Cheval 2004

Plum, spice, anise, and raspberry aromas with touches of black pepper. A meaty body that lightens up to a long finish. 100% Syrah.


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