OS Winery Tasting

OS Winery, formerly Owen Sullivan, makes meaty red wines from grapes sourced from some of Washington’s most coveted locations. Located in south Seattle, winemaker Bill Owen focuses most of his attention on Bordeaux blends.







OS Winery Red Table Wine 2005

Earthy. Diesel. Blueberry. A little dusty. Cassis. Medium bodied. Lots of rich, gripping tannins.



OS Winery M Klipsun Vineyard 2004

Rich. Spicy. Boysenberry. Again, gripping tannins. Strong cassis. Black cherry. Medium bodied. 70% Merlot; 30% Cabernet.



OS Winery Syrah Dineen Vineyard 2005

Spicy. Vanilla. Clove. Anise. Excellent mid-palate and opens up beautifully but the finish is a little empty.



OS Winery R3 2005

Lots of black cherry. Light anise. Baking spices. Rich on the body. Nice extended finish that sails on and on. 45% Cabernet; 35% Merlot; 20% Cab Franc. Named after the three red wines it is composed of.



OS Winery BSH 2004

Dusty. Strong cassis. Good up front. Not as even on the back end. Clove. Black cherry. A good wine. 68% Cabernet; 12% Cab Franc; 10% Merlot; 10% Petit Verdot. BSH stands for “Brick Shit House.”



OS Winery Cab Franc Champoux Vineyard 2004

Gripping, sharp wine. Light black cherry. Light cassis. Puckering. A bit more subtle on the nose than others.



OS Winery Ulysses Sheridan Vineyard 2004

Earthy. Spicy. A dark wine. Cassis. Leather. Beautifully structured with an excellent finish. A dynamite wine.



OS Winery Petit Verdot Meek Vineyard 2005

Strong anise. Clove. Spice. Light earthiness. Plum. More up front than the others tasted.


Sean P. Sullivan

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