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Nota Bene Cellars Tasting

Monday, February 11, 2008

Summary: Nota Bene is a small winery located in south Seattle.
Winemaker Tim Nardby is currently producing about 1000 cases
per year. Their most notable wine, not tasted here, is a $30 Ciel

du Cheval.







Nota Bene Kestrel View Estates Vineyard 2004

Black pepper. Cedar. Smoky. Good up front. Thinner on the middle. 52% Cabernet; 24% Merlot; 12% Cab Franc; 12% Malbec.



Nota Bene Miscela 2004

Black pepper. Baked bread. A little cassis. High spices. Light bodied. Good overall. Miscela is Italian for “blend”. 40% Merlot; 36% Cabernet; 24% Cab Franc.



Nota Bene Miscela 2003

A little smoky. Maple. Wheat. Black peppercorn. Sharp on taste.



Nota Bene Miscela 2002

A little earthy. Boysenberry. A little spice. Oak. A very interesting, big wine. Somewhat tannic.



Nota Bene Abbinare 2004

Cereal. A little smoky. A little green pepper. Somewhat sharp. Name means “linked together”.



Nota Bene Abbinare 2003

Wheat. Cinnamon. Spice. A nice medium bodied wine. Cinnamon feel on the taste. A little puckering.



Nota Bene Abbinare 2002

Blackberry. A little anise. A good nose but a little off on the shape of the wine.



Nota Bene Syrah 2004

Smoky. Classic Washington syrah nose. A thick, rich wine. 78% Syrah; 22% Cabernet.


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