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Cadence 2005 Releases

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Among the new wines I most look forward to sampling each year are Cadence’s excellent assortment of wines sourced from Red Mountain. Given the anticipation around Washington’s 2005 vintage – a year that boasted simply perfect growing conditions – this year the expectations were even higher. Again, the Ben Smith’s wines do not disappoint. Showing great depth and structure with silky tannins, these wines largely exceed their excellent counterparts from the 2004 vintage. Also included in this tasting was a preview of wines from the new “Cara Mia” vineyard. Also located on Red Mountain, this vineyard, planted in 2004, is named after Ben and Gaye’s daughter Cara. How good could grapes from a two year old vineyard be? So good that Ben has decided to use them for his two flagship wines – the Bel Canto and Camerata. While the Camerata did not seem quite as strong as in prior years, the 2006 Bel Canto from Cara Mia is a stand-out – a tribute to Ben’s exceptional winemaking skills and the hard work of the entire staff to get this vineyard started. Expect these wines to be released in November 2008.







Cadence Klipsun 2005

Blueberry. Light spices. Dark, sweet fruit. A good, thick, full wine on the palate with a long finish. As with last year’s, color seems a little more mature than one would expect. 82% Merlot; 18% Cabernet.



Cadence Taptiel 2005

Black licorice. Some chocolate. Still fairly light on the nose. Gripping tannins. Still a very young wine but will be excellent given more time. 50% Cabernet; 30% Merlot; 20% Cab Franc.



Cadence Camerata 2005

Dried fruits. Tobacco. A powerful nose. Again, a very gripping wine. 100% Ciel du Cheval Petit Verdot.



Cadence Ciel du Cheval 2005

Floral. Plush. Hints of chocolate. Very light spice. Not as tannic or as deep as the others. More refined and easier to drink now. 51% Cabernet; 24% Cab Franc. 19% Merlot. 6% Petit Verdot.



Cadence Bel Canto 2005

A beautiful nose. Dark fruit. Black licorice. Tobacco. Lots of structure. Some mineral notes. An excellent, although still very young, wine.



Cadence Camerata 2006 Barrel Sample

Licorice. Not as tightly structured as the 2005’s. A little more up front on the palate with less on the mid-palate. For a first release from this vineyard, still a very good wine. 93% Cabernet. 7% Cab Franc.



Cadence Bel Canto 2006 Barrel Sample

Licorice. Some chocolate. Tobacco. Great body and structure. 55% Cab Franc. 45% Merlot.


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