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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Below is a list of publications and awards, as well as radio, TV, and speaking appearances. Email me at wawinereport@gmail.com for reprints of any articles that do not currently have web copies.

NB - Monthly wine reviews for Wine Enthusiast not listed.


Wine Enthusiast December 1 2013 - "Ice Wines from Around the Globe (Canada)"

Seattle Metropolitan September 2013 - "100 Best Washington Wines"; "The Top 15"; "The Best of the Rest"; "Top Wines Under $25"; "Top Wines Under $15"; "The Rise of the Rhones"

Edible Seattle September/October 2013 - "Sangiovese: A sensitive grape"
Vineyard and Winery Management September/October 2013- "Yakima Valley Renaissance"

WXL Wine and Dine - "Kyle MacLachlan Bears It All"

Washington Tasting Room Summer 2013 - "The Rocks of Walla Walla"

Wine Enthusiast May 2013 - Cocktail of the Month

Vineyard and Winery Management May/June 2013 - "Whither Washington Whites?"

Edible Seattle May/June 2013 - "Time in the cellar - The patient rhythms of Cadence Winery"

Seattle Metropolitan March 2013 - "Treveri Cellars"

Washington State Wine Tour Guide 2013 - "State Treasures - Seattle and Puget Sound;" "Around the Sound;" "Woodinville - So many choices so take your time;" "Columbia Gorge and Vancouver - From here to gorgeous;" "Water to Wine - Yakima Valley;" "Cascade Valley and North Central - Prepare to be dazzled;" "Tri-Cities Wine Country;" "Walla Walla Valley - Small town charm;" "Taste Test - Spokane and Pullman;" 3 chef profiles, 3 grower profiles, and 7 tourist attraction profiles

Vineyard and Winery Management January/February 2013 - "Harvest Report Washington, Oregon"

Washington Tasting Room Magazine Winter 2012/2013 - "The Year in Wine 2012-2013"

Seattle Metropolitan September 2012 - 100 Best Washington Wines, Great Whites, Ten Reds Under $25

Edible Seattle July/August 2012 - "Heart and soul: The pursuit of passion, perfection, and peace of mind at Maison Bleue"

Seattle Metropolitan July 2012 - "Wine Blends Catch On in Washington"

Washington Tasting Room Magazine Summer 2012 - "Defiance on the Lake (Nefarious Cellars)"

Decanter June 2012 - E. and J. Gallo holds high hopes for Washington

Edible Seattle May/June 2012 - "The Chardonnay Paradox: Why America's Favorite Grape Struggles to Find Its Way in Washington"

Washington State 2012 Tour Guide
- State Treasures: Seattle and Puget Sound (with Chris Nishiwaki)
- Water to Wine: Yakima Valley
- Tri-Cities: Washington's Melting Pot
- So Good They Named It Twice: Walla Walla Valley
- Spokane & Pullman - Two University Towns with Universal Appeal
- Prepare to be Dazzled - Cascade Valley and North Central
NB: 2011 content revised and updated along with the addition of grower and chef profiles.

Edible Seattle January/February 2012 - Feral Yeast Seductive Characters: Brennon Leighton's modest goal of being the world's best winemaker (Note: Paragraph spacing is off)

Washington Tasting Room Magazine Winter 2011/2012 - "Trends and Predictions: The Year in Wine"

Seattle Metropolitan September 2011 - 100 Best Washington Wines 2011, 20 for the White Wine Lovers, The Rest of the Best

Wine and Jazz August 2011 - Vintners Village

Edible Seattle July/Aug '11 - Why Chenin Blanc is a Grape Worth Saving

Seattle Metropolitan June '11 - Chardonnay Gets Some Respect

Wine Press Northwest Spring 2011 - Washington Syrah - star or FUBAR? (page 16 e-reader)

Wine and Jazz April 2011 - Columbia Gorge: A hidden gem straddling the Washington and Oregon border (page 62 e-reader)

Edible Seattle May/June '11 - Integral Parts: The Land and Family of Syncline Winery

Washington State 2011 Tour Guide
- Seattle and Puget Sound: A funny thing happened on the way to the market (with Chris Nishiwaki)
- Yakima Valley: Where it all began
- Tri-Cities: The Mesopotamia of Washington Wine;
- Walla Walla Valley: Say it again!;
- Spokane and Pullman: Next Stop - Innovation;
- Cascade Valley and North Central: Be prepared to be captivated

Vineyard and Winery Management January/February 2011 - Harvest Report Washington; Harvest Report Oregon (Note: Opens .pdf)

Seattle Metropolitan September 2010 - 100 Best Washington Wines


Wine Blog Awards - Winner "Best Single Subject Wine Blog" 2013

Wine Blog Awards - Finalist "Best Single Subject Wine Blog" 2012

Wine Blog Awards - Finalist "Best Single Subject Wine Blog" 2010


"An Introduction to the World of (Washington) Wine," (panel moderator) Taste Washington March 23 2013

"Washington wine," (interview) KIRO Radio March 23 2013 (interview starts at 7:57 mark)

"The Art of Blending," (panel moderator) Taste Washington, March 24 2013

"Valentine's Day Wine and Chocolate Pairing," (interview) FOX Q13 News, February 13 2013

"What's next for Woodinville?" Keynote speaker, Woodinville Wine Country Annual Meeting, December 12 2012

"Harvest Update and Thanksgiving Wines (37 mins in)," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, October 24 2012

"Seattle Metropolitan Top 100 Washington," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, September 12 2012

"Washington Rosé Recommendations," (interview) FOX News Q13, July 19 2012

"Clicks and Sips: The Power of Social Media," (panelist), ZINO Society Liquid Assets Forum, July 17 2012

"Total Wine, BevMo, and Gallo join the Washington wine industry," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, June 27 2012

"Climate Change: Current Trends and How to Insulate Yourself From Turbulent Times," (presentation), Meet Me In The Cellar's Annual Wine Marketing Symposium, Woodinville WA May 17 2012

"Washington Rosé," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, April 25 2012

"Celebrated Vintages: A Look Back at 25 Years of Washington Wine," (panel moderator), Taste Washington March/April 2012

“Washington Wine: Over-delivering at Every Price?” (panel moderator), Taste Washington March/April 2012

"Washington Wine Update," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, March 28 2012

"Sparkling Wines," (interview) FOX News Q13, December 2011

"Thanksgiving Wines," (interview) FOX News Q13, November 2011

"Harvest Update 2011," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, October 26 2011

"Election Coverage: Initiative 1183," Weekday on KUOW 94.9FM, October 2011

"Syrah: Love your style," (panelist) Washington Wine Road Trip, October 2011

"Washington's Top 100 Wines" (interview), FOX News Q13, September 2011

"Wine Wars," Weekday on KUOW 94.9FM, September 2011

"Washington wine," Table Talk KKNW 1150AM, August 24 2011

“Marketing the Nectar of the Gods” (panelist), ZINO Society Liquid Assets Forum, July 2011

“The Power of Social Media” (keynote speaker), Stoel Rives 2nd Annual Wine Law Seminar February 2011

“What’s the Point(s)?” (panel moderator), Taste Washington March 2011

“The New Age of Wine Marketing" (moderator), Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers Annual Meeting February 2011

“Washington’s Emerging Varieties: Grenache Panache” (panelist), Taste Washington March 2011

“Mighty Malbec” (panelist), Taste Washington March 2010

Note: This is a running list that will be updated.

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